What we do

Care Leaver means a person who was in institutional care or other form of out-of-home care, including foster care, as a child or youth (or both) at some time in their lives.

what we do

The Care Leavers Network has the following activities to help care leavers in Ireland.

To advocate and lobby the government and other institutions or organisations to provide acknowledgement, redress and support services.
To assist Care Leavers to gain access to information and services.
To raise public awareness of the history and ongoing consequences of past treatment of Care Leavers.
To provide a network through which Care Leavers can communicate with each other and share their experiences.
To assist in the provision of an after care plan for recent care leavers.
To develop research and policy papers for care leavers and organisations.
To seek funds from all sources whether government or private for all the aims and objects set out above.
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