*Two Fantastic Research Participation Oppertunities For Care Leavers*

Have you ever thought of being involved in, or driving social change, policy, and its implementation?

Have you considered doing the above, by way of participating in research?

We know research can drive and informs social policy, and better inform system, like the care system or perhaps aftercare. Today we bring you two unique opportunities that may be of interest to our fellow Care Leavers. The first opportunity, is for Care Leavers aged between 25 and 35 years, which aims to explore educational pathways for adults, to better understand educational journeys, positive, not so and ongoing.

The second is somewhat different, as the researcher is looking to better understand the experience of young Care Leavers at 18, then again six months later and finally again a year later. This type of study is called 'Longitudinal' meaning the aim is to explore the journey over time and at different point of that time.  We have added some additional information below, and contact details for the two researchers seeking your participation. Please feel free to drop us a line info@careleaversnetwork.com if you wish to further discuss these two opportunities, we would be happy to assist where we can - CLN 


Care Leavers' Network, only promotes research opportunities which we feel are 1) needed in terms of gaps in 'Irish Context' research around relevant areas 2) there is the possibility of informing / influencing policy and 3) where an opportunity for active participation can be established. Therefore we are happy to direct our fellow Care Leavers to Eavan and Natalie, as we see their work as a great opportunity not to be missed. If you have a look, then decide it may not be for you, perhaps do as we have here and help spread the word among your network and afford others the opportunity. 

We wish you all the very best, including Eavan and Natalie conducting these studies.

Best Wishes,


Posted by Shane on 2017-03-23 06:30:00
*Upcoming Peer-2-Peer Networking Event - Dublin*
On Wednesday 14th December @ 18:00 pm we will host the first of many, Peer-2-Peer networking event.
We openly invite our fellow peer's (#careleavers 18+) to come along, meet other Care Leavers and some of the CLN Team. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to other adults with shared experience, adults who as children spent some or all of their childhoods in state care.
We aim to make this a monthly event, each event will be group led. This means that each group will decide what they wish to do through our facilitation, maybe it's to arrange a trip to a bowling alley or the cinema, or perhaps working together as a group on issues that have / are affecting each other (Housing, Educational Opportunities, Job Preparation + much more). Inviting a guest speaker or simply a social occasion among peers, to be a listening ear, give advice to one another or just simply have a laugh.
Event FAQ's
Q) Is this free? Yes, all we ask of you is your time and we will provide Tea and Coffee. The Generator (Our Dublin Venue) have kindly given us, the use of a section of their building, at no cost. "Many Thank's Generator".
Q) What to expect? Refreshments and lots of chats. CLN will say a few words to get things going, just to bring people up to speed with (your / our) network, what we want to do and basically provide moral support and an outlet for peers.
Q) Is this a one off? Certainly not, we aim for this to become a monthly event and bring this to different areas across Ireland.
Q) What if I want to come along, but am nervous? So are we (will anyone turn up), like anything new. You won't have to speak if you don't wish to within the group and we will upon request speak to people 1 to 1 beforehand to elevate any nervousness and we will meet you at the door. Just let us know and a member of the team will give you a call.
For further information please email - info@careleaversnetwork.com
We do hope you can join us on the 14th December @ 18:00pm and we look forward to having you along.
CLN Team.


Posted by shane on 2016-12-01 21:10:32
Our Advocacy Manager Shane speaking to Matt Cooper on the Last Word - Today FM

Today FM Interview: Following on from Saturday's Feature Article in The Irish Times by Patrick Freyne, Yesterday Shane spoke with Matt Cooper on The Last Word. During the course of this interview, various "Solution" focused suggestion many from our Submission and Charter, were discussed and vital points made on hearing the vulnerable voice of children. You can play the interview back in full, link below.

Shane speaking to Matt Cooper - Today FM's Last Word

Posted by Shane on 2016-11-17 17:17:57
Feature Article - "Piecing my broken childhood together, one document at a time"

On Saturday 12th of November the brave story of our own Advocacy Manager - Shane Griffin was told by Patrick Freyne of The Irish Times. This emotional, rollercoaster brought us through Shane's early life as a child crying out to adults, for much-needed support, he wrote a letter to a judge, tried everything he could to be heard, as a vulnerable child. As Shane said "I'm one of many" and he really wants to see change, reform, accountability and to let all those with shared experience know they are not alone, to let kids in care today know they also are not alone. There is fantastic learning that can be taken from this story, one story, so much learning out there.

Feature Article by Patrick Freyne - The Irish Times

Feature Video by Enda O'Dowd - The Irish Times

Posted by Shane on 2016-11-17 14:35:16
Care Leavers' Network' respond to damning HIQA report

Care Leavers' Network spoke to KFM Radio, in response to a damning HIQA report, into Foster Care Services in the Midlands. We highlighted our disgust at this report, how in 2016 we can still see issues that were around one – two decades ago. We also highlighted how this system reflects so poorly on young people, and also those dedicated and passionate social worker, and foster parents. This system is broken and we must see reform, so many vulnerable children are falling through the cracks of this broken system.

Full Interview

KFM Radio Article

Posted by Shane on 2016-10-20 21:07:00
Care Leavers Network now established in Italy

Our Italian friends have launched a fantastic social enterprise, they have created an ice cream parlour brand that employs Care Leavers to work and manage their stores.

We wish the guys and gals at Agevolando continued success and best wishes, the impact they will have over time will be a game changer. Their advocacy work for some of Italy's most deprived and marginalised citizens is simply touching, keep it up folks!

CLN Italy

If you would like to set up a Care Leavers’ Network in your country, we are here to help.  Please contact us at info@careleaversnetwork.com

We want to support the network of Care Leavers in many countries throughout the world!

Posted by Wayne on 2016-10-06 09:46:00
Listening to the Voice of the Child

Care Leavers’ Network founder Wayne Dignam’s speech at the Annual Conference of the Legal Aid Board on September 22nd 2016.

Wayne's Speech Legal Aid Board 2016.pdf

Posted by Wayne on 2016-10-06 09:03:00
Pre-Budget Submission 2016

Care Leavers' Network Ireland has submitted our pre-budget submission to the Department of Finance and Department of Children covering 2016 and 2017. 

Posted by Shane on 2016-09-24 16:26:11
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  • Feature Article - "Piecing my broken childhood together, one document at a time"
  • Care Leavers' Network' respond to damning HIQA report
  • Care Leavers Network now established in Italy
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